THis was just a website/information site i have published, but i am a victim of

cyber crime of a group of cyber criminals running an organisation, and 

exploiting me , stealing the value of my intellecual property and 

i am investigating the crime and solve and end it.

I am a man abused by criminals in India, wanting to steal all my wealth and
make me a disabled in India. A group of criminals from India used their power to

deport me from United States and i am unable to lead a normal life for many 
years. I am not an Indian citizen, i dont want anything to do with India. Its a
 criminal nation trying to steal my wealth and i am stranded in India since 
SePtember 2011.  I have Immigrated to US n 2002 but victim of US Immigration/USCBP 
They want to steal the IP value of my personal creation. I want to be able to 
enter California today or at the earliest. I am a victim of fraudulent in 
Justice departments and  I have a right to a Travel document 
and my money in a banking relation. I want the fraudulent in India and US and
Thailand and elsewhere wantig to steal my wealth stopped today. I am not able

 to lead a natural life and i am 43. I am a heterosexual man without a woman
and some sick thieves wanting all my money for nothing. I do not have a family.
 I want these criminals using my wealth charged with the crime today.

THis is 2014 and i still do not have the cash. I cannot be comforted. I need a life. I travelled to Thailand again to get money from Benin.
I need whoever wanting to operate this as an organisation contact me as n individual.
I want this message to be displayed until i get a solution, thats aleast one financial transfer. I am in Rishikesh Newdelhi with just 19000 Rs now.I could have completed the transfer to my mothers account and took half of 200000 US dollars.
I am not living my life to support others. I can only support others only when i am comfortable with my life. I need to be able to transfer the 200000 US dollars from Thailand and 500000 GBP to my account and have it as operating costs and for my personal life. After thats over i can enable the domain..