This is landing page of a domain i registered in May 2008 after i was harassed and forced to submit my US permanent resident status , some kind of document an organisation in United States prints and they employ some to check these documents on arrival by a flight. I am a long term naturalised californian abused and inflicted cruelty by those criminal organisation of individuals they call as US CBP ICE US DHS and they are being employed by the criminals that has stolen my subscribers help and money that had to be given when i registered in 2004. I am unable to be sexual with the kind of international woman that i am used to because of this economic crime and father a child and my money is expended by some calling themselves my representatives. If i am hungry or to have sex, i have to satisfy my body not a representative. I registered to find out why an organisation is operating expending my personal wealth and exploiting a domain. I am send payments to and i have not been able to collect it. I dont have to expend my money as an organisation nor the viewers of the website have to organise to subscribe to my website. If they organise they have to use their emails and domains for such purposes. If you view this website and is employed its a theft to me. If you view this domain you have to create a public record Of it by making some comments in